Power Supply

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  • Power Cords for Pro Series Lights

    Outdoor LED Power Cords – Pro Series

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  • Low Voltage Transformer - Pro Series - 120w Transformer

    Low Voltage Transformer – Pro Series

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  • rope light power cord

    Rope Light Accessories – Connectors, Power Cords, End Caps

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  • Home range power - green cable

    Mains Power Sets and Battery Packs for Home Range Lights

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  • Transformer Plugs for Low Voltage Festoon Lights thumbnail

    Plugs and Leads for Low Voltage Festoon Lights

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  • Power Cord for IP65 Low Voltage Lights

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    Crocodile Clip Leads for 12v Battery Powered Festoon Lights

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  • PCI2BC-image

    Indoor Power Cords

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  • 350w transformer with 5 outputs

    350w Transformer – 24V Output – 5 Way Output

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  • Power Cords for Snowfall Lights

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Showing all 10 results