Made to Order Pro Series Outdoor Curtain Lights

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Includes power cord

Please note: These curtain lights are “made to order” and require extra labour to assemble them before shipping – if, when you receive your lights, you decide you do not wish to keep them for whatever reason, you will be able to return them for a refund or exchange. However, we will charge a fee for restocking equivalent to 10% of the value of the made to order items, to cover the additional labour costs involved (This will apply to refunds and exchanges). In the case of faulty items, the restocking fee will not apply.

These curtain lights feature a top cable that holds 5, 10 or 20 sockets, to which light strings are attached to form the drops. Light strings are available in 5m (50 bulbs) or 10m (100 bulbs) lengths. These 5m and 10m drops are connectable, allowing you to add additional lengths of lights, up to a maximum of 2000 bulbs from one standard UK plug. All sockets on the top cable must be in use for the set to function properly. Top cables are supplied in connectable 2m widths, allowing you to extend your lights horizontally, again subject to a maximum of 2000 bulbs. Available in ice white and warm white light colours, on either green or white cable.

  • 2m widths,10cm between bulbs. Connectable top cables form wider spans, max 2000 LED bulbs from one plug.
  • Our TOP5, TOP10 and TOP20 products allow you to choose the number of sockets per 2m width, with drops that can also be extended in length.
  • IP65 rated

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Hardwearing and long lasting, they are perfect for use as outdoor Christmas lights but also for using as garden party lights or event and wedding lighting. They have a top cable of 20 sockets from which 20 strings of fairy lights are attached vertically. Produced in 2m wide sets they can be connected together up to a maximum of 2,000 bulbs which can be run from one UK standard 5amp power socket.

Curtain lights are an easy way to light large outdoor Christmas trees and hedges during the festive season. Adding colour to your home has never been easier with LED curtain lights. Curtain lights are easy to install and look particularly effective when hung from guttering or eaves. Try covering outdoor pillars, hanging down walls or draping across courtyards to create a ceiling of sparkling light. These lights can be used to create spectacular displays.

LED lights are also great for commercial installations as they give off large amounts of lights while only needing one power supply. Many hotels, restaurants and shopping centre’s use Xmas Direct lights in their Christmas displays to great effect. They have also proved to be very popular for celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.

These lights are limited to a maximum capacity of 2,000 bulbs from a standard UK plug, see our table below for examples of the different configurations you can use.

Set Type Number of bulbs per set Maximum number of sets connectable
2m width x 5 drops x 5m length drops 250 8
2m width x 10 drops x 5m length drops 500 4
2m width x 20 drops x 5m length drops 1000 2
2m width x 5 drops x 10m length drops 500 4
2m width x 10 drops x 10m length drops 1000 2
2m width x 20 drops x 10m length drops 2000 1

Additional information

Weight N/A
Light Effect

Static, Flashing (variable speed), Sparkling Effect (every 10th bulb)

Light Colour

, ,

Cable Colour

Green Cable, White Cable

Product Description

Outdoor Curtain Lights – Pro Series

Product Code


Light Voltage

Running Costs

2m width with 20 drops of 2m, will cost approximately 1.2p per hour to run, based on 50p per KWH

Type of Bulb


Power Cord Included



1 Year from Receipt of Goods

Total Bulb Length




Plug to First Bulb


Maximum Sets Connectable


Energy Consumption per Bulb


Drops Available

2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 10m

Cable Width


Cable Type


Cable Material


Bulb Spacing


Bulb Material

Silicon Filled Cap

Bulb Life Span

10,000 hours

Bulb Diameter


Product Diagram

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Outdoor String Lights Diagram

What's included?

  • Curtain lights
  • Power cord


  • Power Cords for Pro Series Lights

    Outdoor LED Power Cords – Pro Series

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  • Mains Voltage Y Splitter

    Mains Voltage Splitters – Pro Series

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  • Outdoor Pro series Extension Cable

    Outdoor Extension Leads – Pro Series Lights

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