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How much will it cost me to run my Christmas lights?

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Christmas is right around the corner and if you are anything like us you might already be thinking about setting up those string lights and getting out that Christmas tree from your loft ready for all the festivities. But wait… how much is it going to cost you to run those string lights throughout the festive period?

I’m sure you have passed a house, covered in way too many sets of fairy lights for you to count, and wondered to yourself, ‘Gosh, how much is their energy bill?!’ but the reality of it is that fairy lights are actually quite inexpensive to run.

In the current financial climate it’s only natural to wonder if your Christmas lights this year will cost you a lot to run. We would like to put your mind at ease and show you how much it will cost to run your beloved fairy lights this holiday season, as well as answering some frequently asked questions… so stay tuned to find out, you might just be surprised.

What are LEDs?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LEDs do not have a filament but are a thin silicone chip. LEDs are far more robust than a traditional glass filament bulb and because of this they are an ideal choice for Christmas and garden lighting.

LED lights use up to 85% less energy than a traditional filament bulb, which also means they do not heat up the same way filament bulbs do so they are a safe choice for inside your home.

How much do Christmas lights cost to run?

The exact cost will vary depending on which of our lights you are using, the length of lights and how long you are using them for.

To get technical, the exact calculation for a daily cost is your rate per kWh (kilowatt hour) – typically around 26p at the moment – multiplied by the power consumption of your lights (for example a typical LED light bulb might be around 10w, i.e. 0.01kW) multiplied by the number of hours you use the device per day.

So, for that 10w LED light bulb, leaving it on for 5 hours a day, the calculation is as follows: 26 x 0.01 x 5 = 1.7p per day.

Now this may sound complicated but really what this means is that for a 10m set of our Pro Series string lights, you are looking at just over 50p in electricity costs to run for the month of December, based on running for 5 hours a day.

Cost calculator

Use our cost calculator to work out how much your lights will cost to run.

Energy Consumption (watts):
Average use per day (hours):
Price per unit (per kWh):
Cost per day:
Cost per month:

Here are a few examples of how much it will cost you to run our lights this Christmas. (All running costs are based on 5 hours use per day for the month of December*)

10m of Pro Series String Lights

Fancy lighting up your outdoor tree? Our Pro Series lights are a popular choice for outdoor use over the festive period. And for only 51p per month you could bring light to your tree.

Cost of running Pro Series string lights

Two 6ft Pre-Lit Garlands

Garlands are a firm favorite for festive decorating. The cost of running two of our 6ft Pre-Lit Colorado Garlands is around 5p per week – just over 20p for the whole month of December.

Cost of running prelit colorado pine garland

6m of Home Range Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are the perfect addition to the exterior of your house during the winter period. 6m of icicle lights could be run for 41p per month.

Cost of running home range icicle lights

We hope you have found this blog helpful and that the information we have provided could help put your mind at ease. Christmas is a time for spending with loved ones and we believe that this winter, lighting up your space doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

*All running costs were accurate at the time of calculation using the average electricity unit rate of 34 pence per kWh. Rates may vary.

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