Putting Our Lights to the Ultimate Watery Test!


We’ve all felt that disappointment.  It’s the first of December, and you venture up to the attic to retrieve last years’ Christmas lights.   Expectantly, you plug them in and… nothing.   At Christmas Direct, we believe this should be a thing of the past.  Lights shouldn’t just be for Christmas, they should be for this Christmas, next Christmas and the Christmases after.   

That’s why when Stephen from Kent asked if our outdoor lights would be “robust enough to survive the Great British weather”, we jumped at the chance to show just how rugged our lights are.

We’re lucky enough to have our warehouse set in stunning Scottish scenery.  With a beautiful river running nearby, it seemed like the perfect place to test how waterproof our outdoor string lights are.  So with a plan in mind, and welly boots on our feet, we set off for the river to set up our display.

After a fair amount of discussion on the safety implications of running mains electricity into a burn, we set about stringing two multi socket cables across to the other side of the water.   Once safely tethered to two sturdy trees, we then started attaching 30 metre runs of Outdoor String Lights to every second connection on the top cable.   In each of the connections that we weren’t using, we closed them off with end caps.   Once all the string lights were attached to the top cable, it was paddling time again as we set off down the river to lay the lights in the river bed.

And then, the moment of truth.

To be honest, we’re all so confident in our products here at Christmas Direct, no one thought for a second that this wouldn’t work.   All our outdoor lights are IP44 rated meaning, officially, they are guaranteed to withstand water spraying onto them from any direction – but we know that in reality they are far above this standard.

We flipped the switch, and the river burst into light – our warm white bulbs illuminated the tranquil flow of the river and creating a truly magical display.

Warm White Outdoor String Lights in the River

It was a little late in the day for us to take down our display the same night, so when we went to dismantle it the next day, not only was it still working after being in the river all night, but when we took the string lights apart, the connections were bone dry.

So in answer to your question, Stephen from Kent, we’re delighted to tell you that not only will our Outdoor String Lights survive the Great British weather, they’ll also survive being chucked in a river!

Products Used:

String lights are long lengths of lights, perhaps most reminiscent of the lights you put on your Christmas tree at home.  Many LED varieties are connectable sometimes up to 750m powered from one socket which can prove invaluable when your power source is limited or hard to get to.  String lights are a great option for decorating large trees either being draped around their foliage or wrapped tightly around the trunk and branches.  Available in many colours, functions and in either mains or low voltage.

Cable Extensions: We have blank cable in 5 and 10 metre increments which are extremely useful when your power source is some distance from where you wish the lighting to start from. These blanks can also be used between strings of lights - great when running from one tree, bush or even building to another.

Cable Splitters: We have a range of cable splitters which give you great flexibility. From a single power supply, you can create multiple branches to decorate the various features in your display.