Decorating with Christmas Garlands and Wreaths

If we asked you to picture a classic Christmas scene you may conjure up an image of stockings  hanging with candy canes by the fireplace, children opening gifts around the Christmas Tree, or even Mum and Granny arguing about the chocolate sprinkles atop the traditional Christmas day trifle.

However delve back into those images, I have no doubt along the top of the mantle there may be a lustrous garland twinkling away, perhaps a wreath trimmed with red bow above the hearth or a swag of greenery wound around the staircase.

Christmas wreaths and garlands are almost imperative to create a warm, cosy, classic Christmas feel.  Whether you opt for real foliage or artificial decorations, they can add an eye catching touch to any festive display.

Full and Fat or Skinny Minnie?

Who wants a garland that looks like a strangled pipe cleaner.  Sparse and unkempt, a garland such as this should stay firmly in the loft with the pink and green tinsel from 1972.  On the market now there are wreaths and garlands of all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.

When opting for replica, it’s important to pay attention to the tip count when making your purchase.  Tips are normally made of PVC and the more you have the fuller your wreath or garland will be.

Scraggly garlands and wilted wreaths be gone, there are new decorations in town.

Real or Replica?

Both real and replica wreaths and garlands are readily available.  Decorated with frosted tips, red berries, pinecones, lights and bows, the choices are endless.

Artificial wreaths and garlands are perhaps more reliable in the fact that you can determine their size before you buy.  Garlands are made to a specific length with tips of varying number making decorating easy.  Wreaths in comparison are available in a variety of widths with double and single sided options available.

Of course artificial options need preening once home to create a full sumptuous look, however a few moments spent reminiscent of a primate fluffing your new adornment can come as a welcome distraction to the Christmas chaos that many of us suffer.

Real wreaths and garlands of course have their place, adding the memory provoking aroma of Christmas.  Many local florists and garden centres will begin to stock such decorations in early December. Spruce, Fir, Holly and Mistletoe garlands and wreaths are frequently used over the festive season and although won’t last as long as an artificial alternative, are a beautiful addition to any home or commercial setting.

Tips and Tricks for making the most of your Garland or Wreath

After deciding between real or replica, 8ft or 6ft, 24 inches or 30 inches, it’s time to decorate… or not as the case may be.

A simple plain spruce garland framing your doorway can look as elegant and festive as a fully decorated counterpart.  Ribbons, bows, baubles, lights and other floral decorations are commonly used to add interest to garlands and wreaths, the options really are endless.

Many popular styles incorporate small fairy lights, ideal for mantelpiece and stairway displays.  Battery Operated fairy lights are particularly handy as they are discreet, running without the need for lots of cabling or a power socket.

Real and replica garlands are almost always secured with wire along the centre which makes for easy decorating.  They can be bent and wound into almost any shape or design you require.  Wreaths also have a couple of options, either single or double sided.  Single sided are perfect for using against a wall or flat surface whereas double sided alternatives look fab in windows.

Need some inspiration?

As mentioned before, wreaths are available in a range of sizes.  Small wreaths are brilliant for using as table decorations.  A simple single sided 12 inch wreath looks great when set flat on a table with a church candle in its centre.  Perhaps opt for a slightly larger wreath and use it as a chair hanger, ask your kids to decorate them and make them into name places for the Christmas dinner table.

While mid-sized wreaths are ideal for front door decorations, window displays and perfect above the fireplace, extra large wreaths are also available.  A stunning idea we’ve seen is to suspend an extra large wreath from the ceiling in a horizontal position almost creating a chandelier effect.  Decorated with baubles, bows, ribbons and candles this would certainly add wow factor to your festive entertaining.

Garlands are also a perfect addition to your festive decoration collection.  As mentioned before, mantelpieces and staircases are just asking for a lush garland to be draped over and wrapped around them.  Add candles or fairy lights for twinkle, perhaps some snowflakes, baubles or poinsettia.

If you have pillars in your home wrapping a garland around them is a lovely feature, they are easy to secure with string or dark cable ties.  Front porches and portico’s are just asking for garland and wreaths in any shape or size, ad decoration or colour to create a warm welcome.

The possibilities are endless.  We’d love to hear your ideas and photos of what you come up with.  Happy decorating!

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  • Frosted Garland with plain pine cones and berries


  • Christmas Garland with Mistletoe, Red Berries and Pine Cones


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