Christmas Tree Lights - advice and options.

Christmas tree lights

With Christmas tree lights to suit every requirement, we are very proud of the versatility of our indoor and outdoor lighting products.  Whether you require a small set of traditional bulb lights for your living room Christmas tree, are searching for the perfect LEDs to brighten up your garden conifers or are even decorating your town centrepiece, we can help.

Indoor, Outdoor, Bulbs, LEDs, Static, Multi Function .... the list goes on, don’t be confused, just read on for help and information.

Indoor and Outdoor String Lights are what you would perhaps call ‘traditional fairy lights’, they are traditional in the sense that they are one long string with lights spaced out at intervals, they come with a power cord and can be either filament bulbs or the more popular energy efficient LEDs

Traditional Christmas Tree Lights

Candle Lights for Christmas tree

Filament bulbs are the older style traditional glass push in or screw in fairy light lamps. Filament Bulb String Lights come in a variety of colours and functions and are available for use indoor and outdoor. We are also proud to boast our new Filament Bulb Candle Lights.

They are not as long lasting as LEDs and do require replacement bulbs now and again however they are still the essence of Christmas for some people and therefore we aim to please and have a great range on offer


LED Christmas Tree Lights

Bright White Christmas tree lights
LED String Lights are by far our most popular product.  Long lasting, robust and highly durable they can be used in a multitude of different ways. LED’s are little chips of light and therefore do not need to be replaced, they should last for approximately 100,000 hours so will see Christmas after Christmas without any trouble. 

Another great benefit of LEDs is that they give off no heat so can be used along with material or other decorations without any problems, also they are very cost effective with savings of up to 85% compared to traditional filament bulbs


So how do I use them?

String Lights are perfect for decorating real or artificial Christmas trees.  The strings are so durable that they are perfect for installations of all sizes.

Firstly, test the lights before you put them on your tree, the last thing you want is to have spent all day making your tree beautiful only to switch on the power and have no sparkle. 

String Lights are perhaps the easiest lights to install.  You can start at the base of the tree and wrap the lights around the whole tree until you reach the top, or perhaps your tree will be in a corner so you may only need to light the front half.

Alternatively if you are working on a large garden tree or one for your village or town centre it can be easier to string the lights vertically from top to bottom in a zig zag pattern.  Another huge plus point is that our LED String Lights are extendable so if you do perhaps require another few meters to complete your tree they can easily be added on

How many Christmas tree lights do I need?

Christmas tree lights chart