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3D LED Illuminated Sphere

Prices from £107.99
3D LED Illuminated Sphere

Large LED Decorative Sphere

  • For use indoor and outdoor
  • Connect up to 5 Spheres from one transformer
  • 60cm Diameter with 128 LEDs
  • Save ££ & Buy Multiple Sets (prices below)
  • Multiple Sets supplied with one transformer

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Make a statement with our LED Illuminated Spheres.

We love this product, which at  60cm diameter really packs a punch.  128 Ice White LED bulbs light up the spheres which are wired with clear cable, ideal for use in all colour schemes. 

The spheres are supplied with a transformer and 10m cable allowing for easy installation to either an indoor or outdoor plug socket.  If you need more length to position the sphere you can use our Low Voltage extension cables.

The great advantage of these lights is that they are connectable not only to each other but to our outdoor Low Voltage String Lights range.  5 Spheres can be connected together with their 10m cable separating them.  This cabling is easily bunched together to allow for spacing smaller distances apart.  

Illuminated Spheres lend themselves well to street lighting in a commercial setting and they look wonderful on large village and town centre Christmas trees.