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LED Melting Effect Icicle Lights

Prices from £103.99

LED Melting Effect Icicle Lights, the perfect outdoor Christmas decoration.

  • Long lasting white LEDs for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • 5 x 60cm Icicle Drops per set
  • A modular system with 5m spacing between Icicles giving a total length of 20m
  • Connect up to 5 sets from one transformer 
  • Eye catching dripping icicle effect
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A fantastic set of LED lights that imitates dripping icicles, perfect for use in your home or garden.

These modular lights sets comprise of 5 icicle strips each 60cm long and contain 66 LED lights.  The icicle strips are spaced 5m apart with each set being 20m in total.  They are a modular system, 5 sets can be connected to give 100m coverage with 25 icicles.

We've built this set with outdoor use in mind so a 10m cable between plug and first icicle light is standard for easy installation.  The cabling on the set is flexible therefore a smaller spacing between drops can be achieved easily be winding cable and securing.

These are eye-catching lights, bright and robust, ideal for use at Christmas time on trees or buildings.