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What makes a good tree a good tree?



In most homes and Christmas displays, the Christmas tree is the focal point so you need to get it right.  If you have decided to invest in an artificial Christmas tree then make sure you buy the best possible Christmas tree for your money. No scrawny straggly looking Christmas trees allowed!


Tips, tips, tips

There is a magic number you should know about before you take the plunge into the artificial Christmas tree market. No, not the height, nope, not the width either. I’m talking about the tip count. Tips are what matter when it comes to “bushiness”. The more tips the better, the fewer the tips the more likely your tree is to resemble a pipe cleaner – not very festive. So keep your eyes open for the tip count when you are shopping around.


Not all needles are equal

 Most artificial Christmas trees are made from compressed sheets of PVC which are then cut into strips to have the appearance of needles. PVC trees can look fantastic but if you want to have the most real looking artificial Christmas tree then PE tips are what you need to go for. This type of plastic needle is moulded to replicate a real needle and looks amazingly realistic even from close up.  Be warned PE trees do not come cheap, so look out for trees that are a mix of PVC and PE needles they are easier on the pocket while still looking incredibly realistic.


Design & Build

Something else to look out for when you are shopping around is how to actually erect the tree. You may see trees being described as hinged or hook-on. Hinged trees are the easy and quick type to erect. The branches are attached to the tree with a hinge so they can fold in for storage and can easily fold down and be fluffed when the festive season swings round.  A hook-on design is a little bit more fiddly and is usually only found on a 10ft or bigger Christmas tree. These trees come with the branches separate from the tree and are hooked into place.  They would normally have a colour coded system to make this as easy as possible. It takes a lot more time to erect a hook on tree than a hinged design Christmas tree, however both trees require time being spent fluffing the branches to their maximum. For carriage all trees will have been compressed to their maximum and so don't be disheartened if they look a bit sad and flat when they first come out of the box - fluffing is all that is required!

Price vs Quality

 It’s very tempting at Christmas time when your bank account is being attacked from all angles to opt for a bargain when you can get it but be warned, when it comes to artificial Christmas trees a cheap price normally means a cheap looking Christmas tree, so this is something to not scrimp on.  Spend as much as you can afford on your Christmas tree and remember it is an investment that you can enjoy every Christmas for years to come.


No space to swing a cat?

Well don’t worry. One of the joys of artificial Christmas trees is that they are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes so you should be able to find the perfect Christmas tree to fit your space.

Slimline trees allow you to still go for a tall tree but without the width of the tree taking over your room.  Or if space is particularly tight then there is the option of going for a half tree, this stands flush against a wall leaving you plenty of floor space for lots of presents! Not even got space for that? Well then why not hang your Christmas tree on the wall, or against a mirror to create the illusion of a full tree - problem solved.


All of our trees come supplied with a sturdy metal stand, so you can be sure that it will stand tall.