Bedroom Fairy Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

I am writing this as the mother of three daughters, who have all at some point in their lives wished that they were princesses. One of the simplest things you can do to add some disneylike magic to your child's bedroom is to use some fairy lights.

Battery operated lights are perhaps the easiest option as they can be put anywhere - woven around the frame of the bed. White or Clear Cable indoor LEDs can be wrapped around some fabric to create a canopy at the head of the bed, or just in a jam jar filled with special stones, shells or other treasure.

As they get older and begin to have sleepovers, a truly fantastic parent free zone can be created by stringing LED string lights across the roof of a den made with old sheets and blankets. The fact that LED lights give off no heat, makes this an extremely safe way to give your children a lot of fun.

Of course Indoor Bedroom Fairy lights are not just for children. They look great strung around a mirror or in a fireplace,or just used to light up a darker corner.