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SALE! Up to 30% off - check individual items for savings

Community Christmas Displays

5 secrets to creating a dazzling Christmas Display in your community.

We love dazzling Christmas light displays and over the years have worked with many councils and groups to help create an area – whether it be village green, single shop front, high street or whole town -  that truly invokes the Christmas spirit.

Here’s our top tips we have gathered over many years, to create a festive display that will bring some serious sparkle to your Parish or local Community.

1.   Use your budget effectively

Inevitably the overall visual impact of your display will be heavily influenced by the budget available. If your budget is limited, that needn't stop you thinking creatively to maximise its effect.

There are always options and alternatives: perhaps a mix of outdoor string lights, combined with icicle lights would be the answer.  Look at your budget and figure out how to spend it in the most efficient way to create the biggest wow factor.

It is always worth talking to us about how to create a fantastic display for your budget - we have over 40 years experience and love talking through new ideas and projects.

2.   You can never do enough planning

The main consideration will be where your power is coming from.  Are you using mains power, generators, wiring into lampposts or a council power supply? Many forms of commercial lighting come supplied with a standard UK socket, but you may require the services of an electrician, depending on the installation. 

3.   Which lights should you choose?

The vast majority of our lights are inter-connectable and can be forked in different directions, which means you can run hundreds or indeed thousands of LED bulbs from a single power source and extend your capacity bit by bit.

4.   Installation Tips

You have set your budget, you’ve bought your lights, now how do you install them?  This is perhaps a consideration you should make before the purchase of the lights.  How you will install your lights may even come into play when setting your budget depending on whether you require any specialist machinery such as a cherry picker.

5.   Go for Quality

Christmas Direct supply market-leading products which we’re proud of, manufactured to withstand British weather conditions. We only sell top quality LED lights, which ensures they score highly on light visibility, environmental and of course safety factors.

Your budget may not stretch to exactly what you want but the benefit of our LED Lights is that you can always add to them at any time. Our lights will last many years so you can easily extend and expand your display as your budget allows.

If you would like more in-depth information about planning your community display, please click here.